gnportchG.N. Portch spent his first twenty-five years living and studying in England, before an opportunity to work in Germany awoke a life-long interest in travel.

He has a BA in Pure Mathematics from the University of Liverpool, and has spent over thirty years working as a programmer – first in England, then Germany, before settling in Boca Raton, Florida. He is currently employed as a Senior Developer at CBS Interactive in Fort Lauderdale.

He began writing ‘The Misplaced’ in 2008. The story took shape over two years, with much of it written while travelling. Chapters started in Boca Raton would be finished in a hotel room in St Augustine, or Sanibel Island, or Austin Texas. Some chapters were written while staying at the delightful Angel Inn in Bury St Edmunds, England.

‘The Misplaced’ is the first in a series of stories about two young friends, Sparrow and Jimmy. Their journey is an on-going tale of travel and adventure. It starts in a disused London underground station, but will lead them to many strange and unusual places and even different times.